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We’ve completed two projects for Corus Steel, who over recent times have undergone huge cultural changes. The first was the refurbishment of their office accommodation, and the second was the design and fit out of both the main visitors Reception and executive Reception areas. Although the two projects were very different, we were given the same brief for each one: ‘’We’re a unique company. Our corporate identity is important, and our Reception areas have to reflect the company we are: professional, but ultimately customer focused, innovative and value-driven, which manufactures, processes and distributes steel products and services to customers worldwide’’.

We wanted to make their new Receptions exciting and modern environments housed in traditional buildings that their staff would look forward to walking into – even on Monday mornings! Unsurprisingly, a few employees were concerned about the major changes, so we conducted  surveys and held open meetings to find out exactly what they wanted from their new environments. We were able to take valuable steers from them and suggest innovative ideas they hadn’t thought of.

We took advantage of an imposing glass frontage and contrasted its airy neutrality with modern features such as hard floorings. We combined this with brushed steel contemporary lighting and signage and created bright, open spaces. We used a warm but invigorating red with black keynotes to give drama to the areas and reflect the corporate image.

Many companies worry that their business will be disrupted when a major refurbishment takes place. Corus was no different. We had six weeks to design and fit out their Reception areas in Scunthorpe, and it was absolutely crucial that their business was not affected. We are happy to say it wasn’t!