Space Planning

Space planning is part of our Office Design service, however we are also able to offer it as a standalone service.

This is perfect if the size of your team is growing and you now need to fit more people into your office space. Or maybe you encourage flexible, agile working in your company and are looking to add different work environments to your existing office space?

Built Around You

Our detailed space plans begin with a workplace consultancy. We pop into your office to visit the space you have available and ascertain what types of work environments you already have, and what you want to achieve from the space. This allows us to build a comprehensive space plan that’s custom built around your company and includes both 2D drawings and 3D visuals for you to envisage your new space.

  • Space Efficiency

    Many companies are ditching traditional office layouts in favour of multipurpose workspaces. One of the first things we do is make sure that you space makes sense for you. Overcrowding your office or paying for a premises with lots of unused space can be a drain on your business. An effective space plan can boost your business efficiency and a well designed office can increase the productivity of your staff.

  • Room to Grow

    Part of our investigation into whether your space if right for you is whether it accommodates future growth. Our workplace consultancy will help us to understand the size of your company and how much growth you are expecting to make in the future. We can then utilise flexible space and multipurpose workstations to create a tailor-made environment for you, future-proofing the design of your office.

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