Are you ready to vacate your commercial lease property and need to leave it as you found it? We can take care of all decoration, ceiling, flooring, partitioning and/or repair works to ensure the property is handed back as required. The works may also take much less time than you think!

Whether you’ve got one year, one month or even one week left, here are some of the things you will need to think about when your commercial lease is coming to an end:

Ceilings & Floors

Any alterations to the ceiling and flooring areas will all have to be returned to the condition they were in when you acquired the tenancy. We can do this for you, should it just be the odd tile here and there or a complete overhaul.

  • Decoration

    We'll get our decorators in to make sure that any paintwork alterations that have been applied are returned to normal ready for the new tenant. We will also make good any knocks or scrapes that have occurred whilst you have been leasing the property, leaving it fresh looking for the new tenants.

  • Partitions

    You may have put partitions up, you may have torn them down. Fortunately we can both remove and reinstate any partitions that you have altered, returning the property to its original condition when your company first moved in.

Want to start redesigning your space? What are you waiting for? Let’s talk…

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