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Furnley House are independent financial planners, providing investment advice, financial planning and management for clients, both for their family and businesses. Furnley House believe in a personal commitment and partnership with their clients.

Established in 2013, offices in Syston have been their home for the 6 years. They initially only needed 4 desks for Shareholders Kevin, John, Neil and Stefan. They were all in one room and one portable phone between them….

As an expanding firm they realised the need to move to larger premises. Their new offices, 340 was chosen in order to gain access to a wider pool of talented people.

340 was in a poor state of repair a drastic refurbishment programme began, and that’s where we came in……

Furnley House wanted a particular standard of fit-out that reflected the values, quality and integrity of the firm. We were excited to help them achieve this.

The management team were keen to move away from a traditional open-plan office, whilst also maximising capacity and space usage to encourage collaborative working.




We worked hand in hand with their team to plan, design and fit-out meet and greet areas, meeting rooms, and workspaces, staff areas, reception and social and event  space to  make the best use of the available space, allowing users to choose from a palette of meeting places to match the task at hand; whether it be focusing on a report, exchanging information with a colleague, or meeting a client.

At the new Leicester offices, the team also wanted unique open space to allow advisors and support teams to work and enable and encourage team members from the Bristol office to arrange meetings in Leicester.

As the new offices were a blank canvas it was easy to integrate the company’s own personality, reflected through the furnishings and décor.


The newly transformed areas have been designed to encourage and inspire thought and leadership and provide a welcoming work environment for staff and clients, and to convey Furnley House as a professional firm of wealth management advisers.

High quality, unique pieces of furniture have been used throughout the space to ensure aesthetic appeal as well as usability for Furnley House’s staff and visiting clients.

The reception area, office space and meeting rooms have all been re-thought and worked to provide a workspace fit for the organisation’s unique needs.

It was important to the team that their new offices would convey a sense of their uniqueness along with professionalism and encourage trust in the company and its services.

We kept all of this in mind when creating the designs. Stirling Interiors listened carefully to the brief and delivered on all counts, liaising with builders, electricians, plumbers on behalf of Furnley House.

We provided cad drawings, colour schemes, 3d visuals, flooring and paint schedules, along with specialist advise and furniture selection and supply.

We are very proud of the offices we have designed for Furnley house, which positively reflect their values and enhance client and employee experience.

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