Very Peri – Pantone of the year

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Here at Stirling interiors we believe an office is more than just an office but a second home. A home needs to have life, be bold, show you as a person. This year pantone’s colour of the year is purple. Purple brings calm and tone contrast to an office unlike more plain shades such as grey or black. It makes it more friendly place to spend time at and gives it a Homely like touch to a long day. The shade of purple, very peri, has personality and life; very peri in life form would be bubbly, outgoing, the person who everyone dreams to be. Very peri would live life and not just let it pass you by, how many of us can say that? The mugs at Home, to the bike you ride to work on and the same jumper you wear every single day that you secretly have replicates of. Very peri colour will brighten up your day, paint the sky and bring your office to life! It’s a unique colour combination that adds a different trait to your office. You can paint the sky with very peri, draw your new horizon. Attract to your office! Very Peri is the life in everyday, if it’s not in yours, you will never know what it’s like.