A Guide to updating your classroom

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Is your classroom space working?  Does it provide a positive place where a student can come to work toward specific goals set before them in the class objectives?

The classroom should provide an environment that is positive and organized, providing an atmosphere that allows students and teachers alike, to be outgoing, confident, and compassionate.

An uncluttered, well-planned space will keep your pupils and students switched on and tuned in to the lesson at hand. Whilst your aim may be to achieve a sleek, modern and minimalist classroom which is tidy and impressive to look at; it is important to remember educational stimulation is king.


You need to be able to use your furniture to add to your informative and engaging wall displays.

It needs to make resources and tools immediately accessible and welcoming.


How Do I Make my Classroom Look Nice?

  1. Select a consistent and cohesive colour scheme
  2. Declutter your classroom
  3. Consider the design/size of your teacher desk.  Is a different size/design more suitable?
  4. Offer flexible and varied seating options.  Soft furnishings in a breakout area for example
  5. Utilize tables or groups of desks for collaboration. …
  6. Make space for independent work. …
  7. Showcase student work. …
  8. Less is more.

Our design team at Leicester Office Furnishers can assist in achieving the best layout of your space, achieving your pre-determined objectives by providing 2D and 3D plans, along with mood boards and product samples.

If you have been tasked with ordering your school or college’s new furniture, stop and take a minute to consider these factors first.



It’s vital that you find the right balance of comfort and support in your furniture. We strongly advise investing in the most ergonomically sound table and chair combinations that your budget will permit.

Choosing products which are sustainably produced and sourced is an important consideration. Especially when balanced against your needs to meet national and local authority sustainability goals. For example, it might be better, in the grand scheme of things, to source slightly more expensive, more locally produced furniture than cheaper imports from the other side of the world or from a foreign supplier. Leicester Office Furnishers Ltd checks all of its suppliers comply with sustainability compliance.

Your furniture could take a lot of robust use, no matter the age of your pupils and students. Boisterous teenagers or carefree infants put furniture through extreme use.

Whilst educational furniture is designed for these environments, there is a limit and different items are designed to cope to different levels. Make sure your furniture is fit for purpose.

Don’t forget to consider the longer-term implications of what you order. Your budget might only facilitate ordering partial amounts of certain products in one academic year, for example, with the plan being to order the rest in the following financial year.

If so, make sure that the items ordered are of a product line which is unlikely to go out of production or is of a style which is neutral enough to be complimented by other designs should production be ceased.  You can have confidence in Leicester Office Furnishers Ltd working with suppliers that are long established and have worked in partnership together for many years.

We are happy to discuss any project large or small.  If you feel we can be of assistance with an up and coming project please feel free to contact us on 0116 269 1280.