Space Planning

Office space planning is a vital, yet often overlooked aspect of any office design process. Office space planning has the unique ability to transform a seemingly close, packed, cramped office space into a much more spacious and open workplace, and Stirling Interiors is one of the best office fit out companies around.

Space planning is one of the most fundamental aspects of any interior design process, and nowhere more so then in an office space. It starts with a detailed analysis of how the office space is currently being utilised. From this analysis, we can break a space down, and look at the activities that take place in those spaces. Space planning also covers circulation patterns and the way people move through the space.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to space planning:

  • What is the lay out of the office space, what are the main features of the room?Where are the windows? Where are the power outlets? Where are the toilets? Where are the network points? Knowing what you have to work with in the beginning is key to any office space planning. This fundamental approach is key for any of the best office fit out companies.
  • Aim to create a balance between containment, and space beyond the office. You don’t want your office to seem to self-contained from the outside world, while using space planning to insure that you and your staff have a defined work space.
  • Always remember that when conducting office space planning, furniture placement is crucial.
  • Office space planning also need to consider storage, if it is insufficient, your office space can quickly become cluttered. Office space planning is dependent on decent storage ability.
  • How large is the office space, could it benefit from a degree of subdivision?
  • Take advantage ofexternal space by maximising theoffices view of the outside world. This adds natural light and the sense of greater space.
  • What is the purpose of the office space? Who will be using it, what activities will take place and what equipment will be used (if any)?
  • What number of people will be using this office space, and how will they traverse this space?
  • When office space planning, what existing furniture will be staying, and how will this affect the office space planning process?
  • Is there a large source of natural light,or will the office space planning need to consider the use of more artificial light to compensate for the lack of natural light?
  • What are the main focal points of your office, and how can the office space planning process use them to the maximum advantage?
  • When undertaking the office space planning, are there any large changes that you require or desire?

The primary questions you have to ask when considering office space planning is:

The process of answering these questions is key to the office planning process, and may raise more questions themselves. At Sterling Interiors, we think about these questions in an attempt to find the best solutions for your office space needs, as well as considering any potential compromises that may be needed.

When undertaking the office planning process, we will consider every element that may have any bearing.Whether that’s your unique office space needs, to your plans for future growth and expansion.

We work closely with our clients to determine precisely how they wish to use their office space. We meticulously analyse your office space requirements, to come up with the perfect solution for you and your business. With our expert Office space planning approach, you know you’re in the hands of one of the best office fit out companies in the UK.