Solid Office Partitions

Our most popular solid partitions are ‘Kameo 75’and ‘Komfire’

Kameo 75 office partition system offers soft radiused lines and fire and acoustic performance of up to 30 minutes and 43dB(Rw) respectively.Kameo 75 partitioning can be combined with glazed panels that can be single or double glazed. Manifestations can be applied to the glass and integral blinds can be included if required

Komfire partitioning offers a distinct angular style and incorporates tremendous acoustic performance and fire protection. The Komfire 75 or 100 can be introduced to almost any interior as an attractive and versatile solution to space creation.Komfire partition system has a steel stud and plasterboard construction surrounded by an aluminium framework. This framework, together with the finishing trims, may be finished in any BS or RAL colour to complement each design.

komfire 75 glazed or solid partitioning is certified for fire performance up to 30/30 and acoustic performance up to 43dB (Rw).

Komfire 100 is a double skinned system providing up to 60/60 fire performance in both glazed and solid modules, together with an acoustic attainment of up to 52dB (Rw). Komfire 100 is the perfect choice for applications where stringent fire and sound performance are key requirements

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