Folding Walls

Moveable or folding walls are ideal for multi-use spaces, such as meeting rooms, boardrooms, training rooms and breakout areas.

We use Comfort movable walls which have been designed to give economical but long lasting use in the division of spaces where flexibility is required.

The Comfort 80 system is a top hung moveable acoustic wall whilst the Komfort 200 system can be supplied in either top hung or floor supported options

Our folding partition wall systems have a number of hinged panels, usually from the floor to the ceiling, and are perfect for spaces like offices where rapid space changes are required.

Folding walls and partitions or are great in offices where there is a lot of hot desking, they also help make better use of meeting and function rooms, even restaurants and leisure centres.

The quality of the panels is very high and they are very simple to operate.

We offer no obligation site surveys, so should you have a project in mind please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to discuss your requirements further.