Lighting & Electronics


During the design stage of a building, interior designers and architects have to consider the lighting of the environment of which they are creating. This is often a complex task as different types of rooms and what the rooms are used for, determines what lighting is required.

Detailed tasks such as studying technical drawings for example may require 750 lux, however a corridor may only require 50 lux. This is where different lighting types play their part, modular lighting is perfect for flooding rooms with light (Please also see the paragraphs below regarding LED lighting) and are quick and easy to install within suspended ceilings. Walkways, breakout and reception areas are ideal for creating something a little more exciting using feature lighting and lamps.

Lighting does not just help to improve the overall appearance of a room, studies have shown that giving workers control of local lighting can increase job satisfaction therefore decreasing the experience of stress. Local lighting can be anything from control of the ceiling or wall lights within a designated area or using desk lamps. Desk lamps are available with various light settings and often have the facility to charge mobile devices, all adding to the worker’s independence within the workplace.

When designing a lighting scheme there are a lot of factors to take into account, we like to work with our customers to establish what happens within various areas and how best to tackle the lighting scheme. The light within an office is also not just down to the electronic lighting, blinds on the windows and reflection from any surfaces also influences the overall scheme.

LED Lighting is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. It has been shown to boost employees’ productivity, as mentioned above,an effectively lit office can have a profound effect on employee vitality as well as their general wellbeing. With tens of thousands of small to large businesses across the UK, there are a surprising number that still use the low-quality, weak and watery light from years gone by, that is not only creating a depressing, poorly lit workspace but will also be costing more overall.

LED lighting is not only a great boost for employees it is also very cost-effective, high quality lighting that doesn’t overheat or flicker

Key Benefits:

  • Lighting Energy Savings (Typically approximately 60-85%)
  • Zero Replacement Overheads In Lifetime
  • Product Lifetimes >50,000 Hours Usage
  • Improved Light On Site
  • Vibration Resistant Products
  • Mercury, UV, &Strobscopic-Effect Free

Our lighting offering is diverse and doesn’t just include internal lighting, we can also supply and install emergency lighting and external security, feature and flood lighting.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your lighting requirements, and show you what options are available should it be a whole new lighting scheme or a small upgrade of existing modules.


We provide a wide selection of electronic services to commercial and industrial customers, below is a selection of some of the services we can provide:

  • Lighting scheme design
  • Professional electrical installation engineers
  • Test and inspection reporting and certification
  • Lighting maintenance contracting
  • Complete electrical maintenance contracting
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Emergency lighting installations and maintenance
  • Office lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Data outlets
  • Generator installation
  • Energy conservation systems
  • Access control
  • Heating and ventilation systems