Office Desks and Bench Desking

We can supply a wide range of workstations in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. All of our ranges offer matching office storage and meeting tables enabling you to create consistency throughout.

Bench desking is becoming increasingly popular with its shared leg frames and integrated cable management options. Desktops can be fixed or sliding and accessories such as monitor arms and desk mounted screens can be added. Our bench desk systems also have single desk options available that can be used in individual offices again, allowing for continuity throughout.

Bench desks are desktops that are placed together whilst sharing a frame. We provide a large range of bench systems in a wide variety of styles, colours, shapes, sizes and finishes.

One of the most noticeable advantages when using bench desking in a workplace is that it goes a long way to improving communication, particularly between teams. The bench desk system is loved by many different offices& where collaboration is an important part.It serves to bring people together in a way non-bench desks just cannot. By eliminating visual and spatial barriers between people, employees are more encouraged, by virtue of the bench desk design, to communicate more freely with each other which improves productivity, and interpersonal communications.

Bench desks improve staff collaboration and improve productivity. Additional advantages to using bench desks are that they are a great way of saving space. The office dynamic had changed radically over the last few years, in both layout, design, and people’s attitude to it. The times when they were sectioned off with screens and called cubicles are over, and bench desks are one of many ways this has changed. The bench desk creates an environment that’s lighter, more open, makes space look bigger, and bench desking is more conducive to staff cooperation.

Once you have laid out your office space, bench desks allow you to easily get people to work together, and should you need to, reconfigure the workplace.