Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Our wide range of vinyl flooring comes in various effect’s, whether you’re looking for something that looks realistic like stone, wood or tiling or something more vibrant and funky.

Vinyl is a great alternative to carpet or wooden flooring, it also works brilliantly alongside carpets to break areas up within a building, i.e. Carpet in soft seating areas and vinyl underneath eating areas. The vinyls that we use are designed for commercial use and are therefore extremely hard wearing, they are extremely difficult to mark and scratch and are designed to cope with high heeled shoes, trolleys and chair legs.

There are so many designs within our vinyl flooring ranges that there really is something for every style, they can be used in offices as an alternative flooring to carpets, toilets, staffrooms and breakout areas, reception spaces and wherever else you desire!

Our vinyl floorings are so realistic with their wood and stone effects that is incredibly difficult to know that they are not the real thing! This makes them a great cost saver not only that they look the part but that they also wear so much better than natural flooring options therefore increasing the longevity of your flooring.