Carpet Tiles and Broadloom Carpet

Carpet tiles are very popular and are what most of our office-based customer go for. Carpet tiles come in a wide range of designs, colours and qualities. Carpet tiles are so popular due to the longevity they provide, they are great for sound absorption within offices, they save money as you can replace one carpet tile rather than the carpet throughout the room, they are designed for commercial use so can take heavy traffic and wheels from office chairs etc.

Carpets insulate the room they are in and bring warmth and comfort with every step taken. Whether you’re looking for something plain, striped or something with a motif, we’ve got what you need. Our interior designer experts are at hand to help you select the best products whatever you’re looking for.

Stirling Interiors offer the best in broadloom carpets to suit office and working environment, the world including commercial premises, offices, schools, hotels and shops. A broadloom carpet is woven on a wide loom. It offers substantial improvements over other office flooring types, as they are made from one large piece, avoiding any joins that could start to come up over time. Broadloom carpets can come as pile woven or as loop woven, and they can be made from any colour, reflecting existing décor, and environments.

Carpet tiles are a cost-effective way of providing large spaces with sensible and appropriate flooring. Carpet tiles are durable, and because they come as identical square tiles, carpet tiles are easily replaced without replacing the entire office floor. Carpet tiles come in a wide range of different sizes, colours and levels of durability.

Suitable for many different offices and work spaces, and can handle spillages and high traffic levels. Mixing and matching carpet tiles gives you the option to create colourful patterns and shapes. Office spaces have used carpet tiles for many years, and workplaces around the world will keep using carpet tiles because they are so effective.

Carpet tiles are quick to install and will last in your workplace for many years. They are the utilitarian office flooring solution, as they can go almost anywhere for any requirements.