We have a wide range of commercial flooring from carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, vinyl tiles, planks and sheets, safety flooring and wooden floors, we also supply new stair nosings.

Choosing the right materials for your floor is crucial as it has a huge impact on the overall look, practicality and cost as they all have different features.

Don’t know what office flooring solution your office needs? Don’t worry, our interior designers here to help.

Some types of flooring are better suited for offices than other types.The selection of office flooring is vital to the safety of your workplace, and its entire aesthetic look, as often it can set the tone of the entire décor. Shops and showrooms need good looking but durable office flooring, workshops just need strength and don’t need to worry about looks, the considerations for office flooring are substantive and vital.

If you want a modern office flooring look, they try something brightly coloured. This type of office flooring is perfect for modern offices.Brightly coloured office flooring gives a workplace an energetic and contemporary feel.

This is also valid in shops and showrooms. Bright office flooring gives customers a more positive feel about your business.

Some businesses are looking for office flooring that will endure the day to day strain of a busy workplace. In this case, a stylish but very strong office flooring would be vinyl, wood or ceramic (depending on the look you want your office flooring to have). You’ll have a wide range of designs and styles so you don’t need to compromise the office flooring appearance.

Consider the image you will project with the right office flooring enhancing your workspace. Just because you need tough office flooring, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the look of your office floor.

Hard office floors are functional, but they can also lack warmth and a more comfortable feel. Carpets can give an office space a sense of warmth, but as office flooring, they have another feature. they can absorb sound. This can be an important feature for office flooring in open plan rooms and busy or offices. They come in a wide range of styles and can be hard wearing. They can be the perfect office flooring.