When it comes to your office design and layout, nothing is as important to your corporate identity, the mind-set of your people, and first the impression you give to new clients. The way you plan out your office interior design is vital. Stirling Interiors understand intimately the importance of office design, and work to create the most efficient, well-appointed, and aesthetically pleasing work spaces, designed for you and your team to benefit from for years to come.

Stirling Interiors are office design specialists, and have a team of highly capable, proficient and experienced designers who will work to get an intimate understanding of your office design requirements, and plan out from start to finish, your entire office design. No matter what your requirements are, we will efficiently and aesthetically maximise the use of all available space, and completely refurbish your office into a space that meets all of the needs of your business and your employees. No matter what the job may be, what your office design is, or what your requirements are, we at Stirling Interiors are with you every step of the way.

Stirling Interiors know that above all, functionality is key when designing an office, whether refurbishing an old office, or designing the interior of a new office space. But we know that despite the importance of all of the cold efficient calculations, needed to make a workplace function as economically, efficiently and effectively as possible, the appearance of the office also has substantial bearing, after all, this is the space that gives your businesses first impression to a new client, this is the space you and your team spend most of your time in, and this is the space that reflects who you and your organisation are, cultural. That’s why we place as much emphasis on the aesthetics of an office design, as we do on the efficacy of the space we create. We know from years of experience that form and function are not mutually exclusive, they are in fact, complementary.

Our team of expert offices design specialists work with you to understand what your new workplace will look like, based on your office needs, size, condition and most importantly, future growth. This analysis will serve as the basis of our office design plans, and act as the blueprints for your new workspace.

Each organisation is unique, and every workspace has uniquely different requirements, so we make it our aim to ensure that when we create a new office design, those office designs match your businesses specific requirements, while also helping to realise the full potential your business has by maximising every aspect of your workplace, from space management, to improving the lighting.

We make a full appraisal of the space your business is moving into, or the space you are looking to refurbish, as well as looking into your organisation and the culture it has. This is to ensure that our interior office designs are adequate and appropriate for your business, and also meet the requirements of your businesses future direction. Our specialist office design team then creates office design conceptions based around what their analysis of your business, and the office space is.

With our years of experience delivering incredible office space for our clients, you’re in good hands with Stirling Interiors.