Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are more commonly used within hotels and care home environments to create a more homely, comfortable feel. We have access to a wide selection of fabrics that can be made into roman blinds to fit your windows. All of our fabrics can be made fire retardant to suit a commercial premise’s.

Unlike curtains, blinds capture the essence of a contemporary vibe as they make all kinds of rooms sophisticated and pleasing to the eye. Blackout blinds help noise reduction and unwanted sunlight.

Similar to blackout curtains, blinds have a thermal insulation so that it keeps the room warm during winter and cool in the summer.

Roman blinds are very popular, and Roman blinds have for a long been the go to blinds for a business that wish to add a touch of elegance to their workplace, and Roman blinds are fantastic of reducing light levels. Roman blinds also look great simply adorn your office windows, as a piece of stylish décor.

Stirling Interiors have a wide range of different Roman blinds in a wide range of styles. The only limiting factor in Roman blinds is your imagination. No matter what your office looks like, or what your requirements are, we have the Roman blinds for you. When it comes to Roman blinds, they also come in a substantial range of different fabrics, colours, designs and styles, all made to your specific requirements.

One of many advantages of Roman blinds is the fact that they are fitted to measure. Roman blinds give a room more softness that complements a room’s décor compared with other types of blinds. This makes them uniquely effective in offices that focus more on form, and not so much on function, such as meeting areas.