There are many factors to consider when designing the ceiling. Although you won’t be directly looking up constantly to have a look at what’s up there. Ceilings have one important feature, which is it provides lighting.

We’ve been installing suspended ceilings on a regular basis as they are beneficial for offices as the second ceiling has been created to hide all the wiring and piping. Here at Sterling Interior we recommend extra installation as it helps absorbs acoustics and creates the room to become quieter. One reason we recommend suspended ceilings, is the fact that there is an exceptional range of options as they come in different sizes, colours and texture. There’s also easy access to wiring and pipes. Another main reason is that suspended ceilings are resistant to mold and sagging. Stirling Interior suspended ceilings meet industry regulations for fire hazards.  Suspending ceilings also help reduce heating bills as the panels are installing. The panels also reflect light which helps create a brighter room. We also use eco-friendly suspended ceiling panels, if your aiming to reduce carbon footprint, suspended ceiling is the one for your desired area.

Ceiling lighting

Modern ceilings do much more than just a white slick of paint. You can add your own touch with all types of contemporary lighting. LED lights would beautify complement rooms with white paint. The exquisite lights will help make the room look bigger than it really is.  Here at Stirling Interiors we aim to create a grand impression that will guarantee to last for years.

If you’re looking for something that simply does its job florescent tubes would be mostly ideal. They are cheaper than any other type of lighting and they last longer. Another advantage is the fact they don’t give off heat.

However, if you’re looking for something more stylish and exquisite spotlights would be most ideal.  Spotlights number one advantage is the durability; they can last up to 11 years. Spot lights are a good choice for indoor lighting as it illuminates the room without emitting any heat.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective our interior designers are happy to help. There are many more types of choices to pick from ceiling to lighting. Please contact the team for information, we do provide a FREE consultation. However, it’ll depend on your post code, call the Stirling team to find out whether you qualify.