The power of colour

/ Interior Design

Spring is that time of year when we take a fresh look at our surroundings. A new year often makes us think of new business goals, this could mean anything from re-branding your business to redecorating your workspace and whilst the colours we choose for our homes and wardrobes can vary often, office spaces don’t tend to change as regularly, such is the nature of the beast.

Take a look around your office, does it feel dull and uninteresting?  Colours are key to our lives and can help change the mood and productivity of staff.  The easiest way to introduce a flash of colour into your office is by stepping outside the box!
Adding some simple colour accents to your office space in small ways can easily and completely change your attitude towards the working environment.
There have been many studies that show how colour influences our mood.

Blues are thought to increase productivity and give a calm and stable atmosphere

Green is a good colour for those working long hours as it helps you to remain calm and efficient and is easy on the eyes

Yellow great for the innovative and designers amongst us, an optimistic colour that stimulates creativity

If there’s something you want noticed in the office….paint it red!

A chair can make a statement by using complimentary colours, a bold colour or a ‘standout’ fabric design.  Furthermore a two colour finish or feature your Company colour palette can be used to enhance your surroundings.

Coloured storage can make a huge difference to the dynamics of the office, a subtle accent or solid block of colour added to a one dimensional space is a simple modification bringing energy to the area.

Substituting the wood finish of your desks table or storage can make a surprising impact, there are such a variety colours and textures, MFC wood style finishes alongside some bright laminate finishes can make a great visual effect.