How to declutter your area

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Organisation in an office is essential for productivity and success. Having a neat and clutter-free office helps improve the overall ambience and atmosphere in the workplace. Essentially, decluttering is the act of getting rid of all unnecessary objects within the office. Decluttering has numerous advantages, it improves the aesthetics as well as promotes efficiency and protects valuable data. This liberation creates a cleaner office space as well as it reduces the risk of information breach. If done properly, decluttering can be fun and easy!

Have you heard the saying “less is more”, that’s the motto! Maintaining an organised workspace is extremely important to the employees but also to the clients. When a customer walks into an office they want to see organisation and cleanliness. An organised office will ensure that your customers will trust you and respect your responsibility. Follow these steps for an easy and stress-free decluttering session.

Step 1: Re-evaluate What is Important to You

When decluttering, it is important to stay focused and not lose sight of the mission. Get rid of anything that isn’t necessary anymore, no point in hoarding. Make a list: what stays and what goes, do you want it or do you need it ?
Here’s a tip: Start decluttering on a Monday, organisation begins at the beginning of the week!

Step 2: Focus on the Drawers

Quite often drawers are the hiding place for all our unnecessary clutter. Learn to purge and release what it is not important- those chopsticks from Tuesday sushi nights don’t need to be in your office drawer. Create labels to facilitate the process of dividing and organising.

Step 3: Storage Solutions

There are lots of cool and neat accessories that help organise a workplace. Here are a couple of storage units that can easily be found and integrated into any office :
-Wall units
-Deep drawer organisers
-Expandable organisers
-Functional filing cabinets

Step 4: Implement a Clean Desk Policy

Maintaining a routine will help keep you on the right track in the office. Invest in post-its, notepads and labels with categories for placing items. Implement the same style and organisation throughout the entire office to maintain flow and synchrony. Start digitising your data to remove the need for paper.

Step 5: Create a Common Reading Area in the Office

Instead of having newspapers, literature and other articles all around your desk create a common space in the office. This will lighten the atmosphere, creates an area to socialise and will simultaneously organise all literature around the office. This adds a social element into to the office and promotes employee interaction.

An organised workspace provides so many advantages to the overall ambience that it would be a loss to miss out on a decluttering opportunity. Make an experience out of it and dedicate the day to decluttering, who knows what you may uncover. At the end of the day, in order to ensure productivity and maximise profits it is important to maintain an organised office. Not only will this provide a sense of relief to the employees, it increases aesthetic professionalism and creates a more mature ambience.


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