How important is happiness in your workplace?

/ Interior Design

Leaders do just that with office atmosphere, lead it. However it is not all encompassing; as an outstanding estate agent doesn’t count for much in a derelict building in a bad area. It is for this reason that the physical space of the office is very important, as it allows for the individuals within it to shine and thrive. Be aware that this cannot be patched with just better biscuits and tea (even custard creams!), as what may be needed is new furniture or a new layout to give people some breathing space to clear and refresh their minds.

A piece of research by the Confederation of British Industry estimates that £17bn is lost through absenteeism per year. Since happy and motivated people would have no reason to be absent from work, it shows that a large amount of people are very dissatisfied in their workplace, and so is a major issue to resolve. Google recognised this and invested in employee relationships and strategic workplace design and found their employees happiness and satisfaction rise by 37%.

Behaviour is influenced by how people feel. Positive perception of workplace leads to positive emotions which manifest into positive work and results.

Surprisingly, the small country of Bhutan recognises the importance of GNH (gross national happiness) over the values of GDP and other KPIs of the country. Instead of focusing on upping production and improving productivity, GNH instead examines how happy, satisfied and content the average Bhutanese is. This view is the polar opposite of almost all other countries but it does make sense when you start to think about how much more work you get done with a smile on your face.

The key to excellent workplace design is ensuring you find out what those that use the space need and want from it. Asking all those that us the space regularly means that the right equipment and layout is selected for those that will use it the most, and make the most out of the space that you have. A layout that allows for the efficient workflow of the office to occur is an optimised one, that will increase productivity exponentially.

One of the prevailing drivers of happiness is technology, and so making sure the office space is well equipped for modern and upcoming technologies, not only makes it an easier installation when new technology becomes available, but also makes the employees feel more content and at a contemporary company that is well equipped.

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