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Home-From-Home Office Design

Office are increasingly becoming homes away from home but why? you may ask yourself, well let us offer you some insight…Office design influences your biggest asset, your people – both employees and visitors alike. Office design is a great reflection on you as a business and more often than not, often a potential employee or customers first impression of you. Your office design is showcasing your company culture so make it the best it can be, inspiring, flexible and reflective of your company vision.

Having an office space that reflects the culture of everything that motivates and drives your people and your business. A space with autonomy and flexibility, that’s a space that can transform a business. In order to get the best from your people they need to feel comfortable and with great office design this can be achieved.

Having worked within the office refurbishment and office furniture industry for many years we understand that people work differently now, not only have desks become smaller because of the smaller technology and less paperwork to go onto them but people don’t always like to be sat at a traditional style office desk, so it is important to offer alternatives such as high backed booth seating, mobile stools, single seat pods, alternative meeting solutions, not all meetings are now carried out across a formal table, it is much less intimidating to grab a couple of chairs or beanbags and have more of an informal meeting/chat.

When redesigning your office it is important to not just consider your employees but how you make visitors feel too, clients should feel inspired by you office surroundings and be given the sense that they want to do business with this company.

One of the main factors within the success of a new office refurbishment is it’s ability to adapt. Home is a constantly growing collection of things that trigger memories of where we have been while inspiring the way we might think tomorrow – it is key that the environment evolves and never stands still. Within youre workplace make space for the things that knit the business together, and appreciate that these will change over time.

There is no way that the space will look exactly the same next week, let alone next year. In this way our working home becomes a reflection of collectively who we are, what we do and where we’ve been.

Irreverent and flexible workspaces make for exciting workspaces, bursting with creative energy, where people can shine and produce their best work. Your office space can be a physical manifestation of your organisation’s vision and values, inspiring your staff to be curious, innovative and creative.

They can also stimulate your people, helping them to think in new and interesting directions, producing work that is new and innovative for your clients. After all, isn’t that what we all want?