Flawless or floorless?

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Due to the vast array of materials, when redesigning the office the choice of flooring available can be quite staggering. You have the choice of carpet, carpet tiles, hardwood, laminate, natural stone, ceramic tiles and even bamboo. The list goes on and choosing the right material can make or break the space it occupies, so its key to ensure your commercial environment reaches its full potential.

Trends are moving towards a more open design in the office, showcasing the benefits of a more modern, relaxing environment; this allows workers to balance working and socialising. A design that helps to strike this balance would only serve to better the balance its occupants can achieve.

Break/Kitchen Area

In recent times becoming the heart of every company, the kitchen area is the origin of most office social relationships and new innovative ideas, so its no surprise its becoming the focus of most design plans. Naturally being prone to mess, its recommended to sway towards more hardwood, laminate, vinyl or even ceramic flooring. Depending on the design of the kitchen, one may be more effective to implement and so depends based on the spec. In any respect, making sure the material you use has longevity and is easy to clean is a must!

Work area

A key aspect is noise control, as in these spaces, it is encouraged to stay in communication with others but if everyone is trying to talk over each other with noise bouncing all over the place it will get very chaotic and loud very quick. By implementing a lot of carpet in these areas of constant communication prevents a large amount of noise bouncing through the room, preventing buildup. An even better option may be carpet tiles instead, as if an area gets damaged, the entire carpet doesn’t need to be replaced, only a couple of tiles, making it an even better, cost-effective choice.

Smaller public areas

These areas are used by workers, public and associates of the company, and so should be the example of what your company wants to be viewed as. Therefore, while not as cost effective, we recommend natural stone materials such as marble as it would last a very long time, and the first impressions mean everything so it’s well worth pulling the stops out for.

Stirling interiors has helped countless companies redesign their entire offices to truly reflect their value and mission, to view some of our past work click here.