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Stirling Interiors have worked closely with the Ash Field Academy for many amount of years now and in the continuation to modernization and refurbishment of their school with new interior designs is our priority, we like to come up with some fresh but yet still matches with their current scheme in furniture and interior design. Ash Field Academy provides education for children of all ages and abilities, which is why it is vital that we make their learning environments as practical, functional, safe and comfortable as possible. It is a phenomenal place with our design to learn and feel welcomed a part of a team when doing so. We plan to make each learning and classroom environment as welcoming and useful as possible.

In 2014 Ash Field Academy were given the enormous opportunity to have a new build prior to their old building, from this right given to them, they called upon us to help with the interior design on an exciting new build, to replace the older buildings, the older buildings were only temporary and with all the details needed we decided to start making some great progress with the new permanent structure. As well as giving us the job role of creating the interior design look fresh and crisp, a place for both teachers and students to enjoy, they also hey commissioned Leicester Office Furnishers to carry out the furniture design, supply and installation, for all their furniture needs in classrooms, dining areas, staff room, offices, a learning resource cente radult-functional hub, for school and community use.

Their visional and quite strict brief to both us at Stirling Interior and Leicester Office Furnishers was ‘’to create a versatile spacious working environment for our pupils and staff. A professional and inspirational environment to promote exciting opportunities and making sure that learning is fun, engaging and relevant’’. We understand that the Academy had been waiting long  time for the new building and had an inspirational vision for it and both the combined team of both of our services were successfully able to do what they required.

Our Stirling interior team intend that we stay dedicated to creating a fantastic design and interior for Ash Field Academy and keep improving when necessary. As Stirling have worked closely with Ash Field Academy throughout the project to interior design their new educational building. We at stirling interior have helped design from the initial space planning and interior design to product sourcing and selection and installation, also contributing in space planning so that health and safety regulations checks out fine with the project manager, also so there is the correct space for the furniture, lightings and electricals. The bright accent colours on walls are enhanced with the furniture which basically creates a coherent solution and an inspiring building. A practical and ergonomic place to learn and work.

Without a doubt we intend and are in means to provide the correct work and keep a close eye on the attention to detail within the work done on the Academy, this has resulted in a high standard of finish whilst maintaining an acceptable budget and also meeting the expectations of the Academy’s staff and students. Our expectations have maintained a good review for our reputation and of course made an educational building function and work, which is also something we are proud to achieve.